Mindful leadership training helps individuals and/or teams work through stressful situations and participate in difficult conversations. When employees feel triggered or threatened, it's important they know Respond - not React. 

Your Take Away From Mindful Leadership Training

  • Practice Mindful Listening
  • Be more aware of your needs, beliefs, values, and principles
  • Increased focus and ability to concentrate
  • Stop making assumptions about what others may be saying or doing
  • Recognize when you are judging what others are saying
  • Validate needs and objectives (before moving forward)
  • Pause when you need... a break or feel triggered

Mindful leadership helps you and your team manage expectations and empower the people you collaborate with – personally and professionally.

Our Approach To Your Success

Bruce Mayhew Consulting creates a friendly, non-judgmental, safe, highly interactive mindfulness in business training space during which we will all share in:

  • Interactive discussions
  • Practical experience and demonstrations
  • Practical quick-reference takeaways
  • When back in your office, you will be able to immediately begin using your newly learned techniques

Just like our other training workshops, our Mindful Leadership can be tailored to address specific issues. Bruce Mayhew Consulting will work with you to customize your team training course so that it addresses the concerns that are most relevant to you and your organization.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting teaches change management and leadership skills that get immediate results and build trusting relationships. 

Who Should Attend Mindful Leadership Training?

Business professionals who have multiple and competing objectives. Leaders who support teams and / or want to be more confident and effective when they work with their internal and external audiences.

Learn More About Our Mindful Leadership Training

Mindful leadership helps employees and leaders be more effective as they make decisions in accordance with their personal and corporate values.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting tailors our training to meet the challenges and stresses of busy professionals. To learn more about how to benefit from our Mindful Leadership call us at 416.617.0462.

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