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We believe learning builds potential and loyalty
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Employee Training

Empower your team with collaborative training and development that supports your mission, vision and values.

BMC’s popular training includes Email Etiquette, Difficult Conversations, Generational Differences, Time Management and Motivating Leadership Skills.

Leadership Skills Development

Leadership training and leadership skills development enables organizations to increase employee loyalty, engagement and productivity. Ignite the passion of employees from any generation and background.

Event Speaker

As a motivating conference speaker specializing in soft skills, Bruce Mayhew Consulting has a simple approach. We strive to make a connection with your audience while sharing practical, usable information.

Executive Coach

As a trained executive coach, we help employees thrive. Coaching helps individuals focus on their strengths and passions with clarity and conviction.

Stand out from your competition. Empower your employees. Choose to be remarkable.

We share great content which helps you unlock creativity and support continuous improvement with your team.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting

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Corporate training, coaching and business etiquette training teaches your team how effective communication builds trusting relationships with customers and coworkers. Soft-skills training is all about protecting your personal and professional brand.

Toronto based professional development expert and executive coach Bruce Mayhew meets your training and development objectives.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting's most popular programs are Email Etiquette Training, Difficult Conversations, Generational Differences, Time Management Training and more. Click on the above items to see how they add value to your business.

Let us help you improve your productivity, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. Corporate training and Executive Coaching is an investment that encourages employees to collaborate and support your organizations mission, vision and values.

Career development / career transition can often be confusing – especially if there is a family to support. We train and coach our clients to be mindful and increase their emotional intelligence. After working with us our clients experience more success, greater wealth and more meaning for the whole of their life.

Corporate Trainer & Executive Coach Overview

Our Approach As A Corporate Trainer & Executive Coach

Training and development and executive coaching supports the health of your organization... and your employees.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting partners with you to define your corporate training objectives and then we integrate them into examples, handouts and performance-based activities. Our 12 professional development training programs can be customized to meet specific individual or team objectives. If you need a fully proprietary corporate training program, we can do that also.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting offers corporate training and executive coaching in Toronto and throughout Canada and the USA. Our goal is to go to where employees are most comfortable and to help them acquire new skills and experience. We believe theory becomes experience when you use your new skills within safe career training environments.

Our Corporate Training Overview

Bruce Mayhew Consulting corporate training & coaching has many benefits. The most relevant our clients consistently experience are:

  • Everyone hears the same message and benefits from the same energy

  • Employees discuss challenges and possible solutions as the instructor encourages them to explore organizational values and goals with each other in the process.

  • Participants build camaraderie as they collaborate on Performance-Based exercises; forming bonds that enhance their experiences and benefits

  • Employees are motivated as they share frustrations as well as a-ha moments

  • Group training lets employees mentor each other – peer-to-peer – supporting retention when everyone is back to work

  • Fun – Yes, fun. Training can be fun – it is one of the best ways people stay focused and remember new information.

  • Job satisfaction, employee motivation and morale are increased, reducing employee turnover.

We know an executives time is valuable so we bring the professional development & career training to you. One of our special abilities is to quickly customize all of our solutions to meet our clients unique objectives.

One training approach BMC use to help training or coaching participants learn and begin using new best-practices is Social Learning Theory (SLT). Social Learning Theory reinforces learning by observing others perform a task and/or use new knowledge.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting's executive training uses a variety of proven techniques to help professionals learn and adopt new information.  We anchor learning by combining practical examples and real-world business stories.

Our Executive Coaching Overview

We help clients be leaders with greater clarity and harmony. Our executive coaching clients become more successful at work, improve their family lives and find satisfaction.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting helps our clients recognize their strengths and abilities and to take pride as they fulfill their vision at home and at work. As an executive coach we use goal setting to empower our clients and to help them begin generating ideas and strategies that proudly and happily maximize their potential.

When working with us, you and/or you team will experience more success, greater wealth and more meaning for the whole of your life.

As an executive coach, our promise is to provide relevant content and meaningful results with as little disruption as possible.

Learn More About Our Executive Coaching & Training and Development Programs

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Toronto executive coach and corporate trainer Bruce Mayhew Consulting offers professional development & career training solutions. Our most popular programs are Email Etiquette Training, Difficult Conversations, Leadership Skills Training, Generational Differences and Time Management Training.

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