A talking head isn't what you need. You want a motivational speaker and corporate trainer who will add depth to your conference and help you set the tone of your conference as a fun, interactive, rewarding learning experience.

Keynote Speaker / Conference Speaker Overview

Bruce believes his job as a keynote speaker is to inspire attendees and add value by sharing motivational solutions and real-world experiences that help participants see where the energy is.

As a speaker Bruce always enjoys hearing from the audience therefore, being prepared isn't enough. Whether it is by encouraging people to shout out their questions - or to have a Twitter feed monitored where people post questions, Bruce looks for ways to listen as much as the situation allows.

Bruce's Approach As A Keynote Speaker / Conference Speaker

Bruce's approach as a keynote speaker or conference speaker is simple. Make a connection with your audience while sharing practical – usable information.

Bruce is always upgrading his skills and knowledge and whether it's as a coach or facilitating professional development training to a small group or a guest speaker at a conference to hundreds, Bruce is a motivational speaker who shares practical experience by integrating an effective mix of examples and real-world business stories.

BMC's 3 Core Programs / Training Pillars

Because Bruce works with all types of communication across multiple platforms, clients have called Bruce a communication-wizard... partly in jest... and partly in all seriousness. 

Each of BMC's core programs is also offered as speaker topics. This includes tailoring those modules to meet your time and objectives. Our 3 Core Programs are:

  1. Write / Listen / Speak
  2. Work Efficiently
  3. Build Strategy

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