Truth is, finding work-life balance may be impossible, but finding an equilibrium is possible... and a much more stable goal. Equilibrium is about working in harmony with our goals, passions and values... not against them. That said, work-life balance is what we are used to calling it so let's stick with that... for now. 

Let BMC help you and your team be more productive and experience greater enjoyment at work and at home.

A Few Benefits From Greater Work-Life Balance (Equilibrium):

  • Our health and wellbeing will improve

  • We will be more productive

  • We will enjoy our work more… and our play more

  • We will have more time to do the things that are important to us… our passions

  • We will rest – rejuvenate

Work-life balance also makes you and I much nicer to be around since we feel happier and more fulfilled. When we are more mindful of what is important to us (and how to manage our time), our relationships with family, friends and colleagues will improve.

Learn Practical Work-Life Balance Techniques You Can Use (onsite 4-hour training or customized events

Participants learn to be more successful, happier and healthier by:

  • Learn what exactly is meant by work-life balance

  • End chronic procrastination (Social Media & Binge-watching television for example)

  • Explore what is your Important Work vs. you Busy Work

  • Use email so it improves your productivity and client confidence... while reducing stress.

  • Manage harmful stress and learn to use good stress

  • Find your emotional equilibrium between Physical Energy, Emotional Energy Mental Energy and Spirituality.

  • Learn to say 'No' or at least... 'Not Now'

  • Manage competing demands

  • Avoiding burn-out

Our Approach To Work-Life Balance Training

The change management and leadership skills covered in our work-life balance training include learning how to avoid busy, unproductive days by:

  • Discover... or rediscover your passion. What makes you happy?

  • Schedule time for your Important Work (strategic activities) using a priority matrix

  • Efficiently switch from one important task to another

  • Manage competing demands

  • Manage strategic interruptions well (people, email and other influencers)

  • Use simple organizational skills like the Pomodoro Technique which breaks down work into 25 minute intervals.

  • Recognize time wasters

  • Enjoy greater creativity - for you and your team

Who Should Attend?

All business professionals who want to be more confident and more productive.

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