BMC's interactive 'How To Run Effective Meetings’ training has two parts:

  1. Participants are led through brainstorming exercises where they examine their own ideas about how to lead and participate in effective meetings.

  2. BMC shares proven meeting management best practices.

Meeting Management Training Overview (onsite 4-hour training or customized events)

Our training focuses on the following two meeting management priority sections. We also offer customization that can include priorities listed within the ‘Additional Meeting Management Training Priorities’ section below. 

Training Participants Collectively Examine:

  1. The key responsibilities of the Chair before, during and after the meeting

  2. The key responsibilities of Attendees before, during and after the meeting

  3. What makes great meetings?

  4. What causes ineffective meetings?

BMC Shares 11 Meeting Management Best Practices On How To:

  1. Plan for maximum efficiency and effectiveness:

    • Begin with a purpose: Up to 3 main goals / specific goals

      • Are you expectations to ‘Inform’ or to ‘Decide’?

    • Don’t meet about abstract topics - if you need a brainstorming session, book one of those

  2. Leading Meetings:

    • Leader as Coach

    • Leading from behind

  3. Manage expectations by creating a clear meeting agenda

  4. Structure your invitation so you can communicate your meeting expectations and how they should prepare:

    • Now your agenda is done determine who to invite and why (don’t waste peoples time)

    • Send reading materials in advance (with a note on what exactly to read)

  5. Outline what information everyone should share when giving a program update:

    • S.W.O.T.

  6. Encourage of a positive approach – for everyone:

    • Ask participants to agree to feel safe and share / listen

    • Use positive language versus negative language

    • Practice ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ when exploring ideas

  7. Manage disruptions:

    • Negotiating: Managing Conflict & Reaching Consensus

    • Stay focused on your goals

    • Manage pontificators

  8. Start and stop meetings on schedule:

    • Do not penalize people who arrive on time

    • Set a timer 5 minutes before the end (summarize decisions, next steps and responsibilities)

  9. Encourage participation and decisions:

    • Why the Chair should talk last

  10. Use a parking lot:

    • A place for good ideas disconnected to you 3 main goals

  11. Take and share effective meeting minutes to increase outcome & accountability:

    • Recap decisions, action items and responsibilities

Additional Meeting Management Training Priorities:

  1. Identify who to invite, who not to invite and why.

  2. When appropriate let others manage the meeting. This helps them build their meeting skills, and realize the importance of being respectful, active participants.

  3. Identify strategies for managing difficult behaviors in meetings.

  4. Confirm your smartphone / tablet policy. Suggestion; turned off and off the table.

  5. How to get a meeting back on topic – back on agenda.

  6. Consider electronic options for remote participants.

Who Should Attend?

All business professionals who want to be more confident and effective when they hold or participate in meetings.

Toronto based Bruce Mayhew Consulting business training supports your entire team.

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