For organizations to stay competitive it is important to keep evolving. And yet change often creates company-wide anxiety, resulting in decreasing collaboration, creativity and employee loyalty when you need them most.

Open trusted communication is a key indicators of success during any change initiative and we are looking forward to helping you and your team master them all.

To embrace change, you have to embrace 3-D's:

  1. You know the Direction.

  2. You make a Decision to buy-in... or not.

  3. You are Dedicated 100% to your decision to stay or go.

If you stay, there are no conditions. You work through hardship. All for one and one for all.

We Offer Two Change Management Training Options

We customize every corporate training or presentation we deliver to meet the unique needs of our clients. In the case of our change management training our customization begins with our two core options outlined below.

Training Option II
Change Management For Leaders

Coaching & Planning

We work with senior management to develop a plan to minimize the stress and maximize the value.

Our top three training goals are:

  1. Develop a vision and a strategy to empower employees and anchor new approaches

  2. Ensure change takes place with maximum efficiency and minimize disruption.

  3. Help your team buy-into change quickly, reduce stress and maximize their contribution.

Training Option I
Change Management For Teams

We answer both, "What is change management?" and most importantly, "How to embrace, not resist change?"

Our top three training goals are:

  1. What does change management mean? Short-term and long-term impacts.

  2. Top 3 causes of stress and resistance related to change management.

  3. Top 3 indicators of success when managing change for managers and your team.

"Just one disengaged employee can bring down productivity of an entire team by 30%"
Gallup Organization

Imagine......Corporate training that is motivating, builds loyalty, and improves your reputation as a professional. As leaders, we have to make the most of every opportunity.

Our Approach To Change Management

Corporate training expert Bruce Mayhew turns knowledge into experience.  

Our change management training is designed to have immediate and long-lasting impact... even though change is messy and sometimes unpredictable. We believe once you have the answer to two key questions, the rest will begin to fall into place. What is that question? "What does change management mean?" and "What is your unique situation?"

Our change management training will explore the importance of:

  • Planning / Resources: Have you done your homework, research and prepared a plan... including timelines and measurements for success?

  • What's In It For Me: Have you defined, "WIIFM' for your organization, its leaders and most importantly, those directly involved / impacted by the change?

  • Leadership Sponsors / Supporters: Do you have full support and approval at the executive level within the organization?

  • Communication: Have you prepared a communication plan? How will you keep your Sponsors up to date as well those directly involved / impacted?

  • Team Buy-in: Have your employees bought into the plan? Do they understand the benefits to themselves and to the company? Do you have their full support?

  • Training: Do employees, suppliers and even perhaps clients need training in order to influence change and/or adapt to the recommended changes.

Who Should Attend?

All business professionals who want to be more confident and effective when they write to their clients and coworkers.

Toronto based Bruce Mayhew Consulting business training supports your entire team.

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We Offer Custom Change Management Training


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Change Management Training Tips

Change Management Training Tip #1

Communication really is key to decrease anxiety and (mostly), man-made, fear inducing resistance to change.

Change Management Tip #2

Listen. If sharing is good, listening is equally important. Ask your team for feedback on your plans and their professional opinions on how to move forward.

Change Management Tip #3

Share your project goals, the reason behind the change and most importantly (for them), how will the change impact them. Address their fears and feelings directly to keep their trust and belief in you and the organizations purpose.

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