“It has always been my goal to help others be exceptional communicators... co-workers... leaders.” Bruce

Our Mission Statement

We love it when our audience are so excited about what we are teaching that they shout out a question or example… and that happens all the time. Our mission has four key deliverables:

  1. Our training, coaching and speaking solutions are always fun, interactive and engaging learning experiences.

  2. We are experts in a wide variety of soft skills - from difficult conversations to email etiquette to leadership to generational differences, time management and more. We be they are all related and can speak to all of them.

  3. We work hard to thoroughly understand our clients goals, challenges and unique work environments.

  4. We customize our corporate training and executive coaching solutions to meet our clients unique needs.

SMART solutions for smart clients.

We are committed to the success of our learners and our community.

Our Vision Statement

To never lose sight of our fundamental values, core competencies and what is best for our clients as we continue to learn and adapt.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting's vision is to always be living in this moment and planning for our - and your future. We will always be looking for new ways we can bring value to our clients and continue to be recognized as a creative corporate training company that passionately designs and delivers innovative solutions.

Our Values

Working in a respectful and stimulating environment is important to us at BMC. 

Bruce Mayhew Consulting's values are our beliefs and they guide our decisions and our actions.  We believe in:

  • Living With Integrity: Standing Up For Others / Giving Back

  • Treating Everyone With Respect

  • Building Strong Relationships / Exceeding Expectations

  • Listening, Being Aware Of Empathy And Compassion

  • Learning & Growing

  • Transparency: Saying Sorry When We Are Wrong Or Make A Mistake

  • Working Hard

  • Having Fun

  • Asking For Help And/Or Referring Other Service Providers When We Can't

An example how we embrace our values:

  1. Learning and Growing: Knowledge leads to experience... and we want both... for ourselves and our clients. We believe this builds passion.

  2. Innovation: We want everyone to be an explorer and to bring their ideas forward. We believe that asking questions and trying new things is the way we stay innovative and responsive to our clients needs and our employees needs... which builds loyalty.

  3. Transparency: We share openly with our employees, clients and community. We believe transparency helps us build trust and makes us all stronger.


Toronto based corporate trainer Bruce Mayhew Consulting offers professional development & career training solutions.

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Our 3 Core Training Pillars

Our Core Training Pillars / Tracks are:

  1. Write / Listen / Speak

  2. Work Efficiently

  3. Build Strategy

Bruce Mayhew Consulting is able to tailor your professional development & career training to meet your timelines and learning objectives.