BMC recognize investing in your employees is investing in your future.

You can depend on the range of our training programs and the breadth of our experience.

We've worked in many industries including banking, insurance, healthcare, municipal government, law/legal industry, consumer goods, construction & building management, media & entertainment and non-profits.

Our approach to professional development training is to fulfill one simple promise to our clients and that is to design and deliver communication skills workshops that meet their unique objectives.


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Are you looking to mainstream your communications and make employee engagement and a commitment to excellence the prevailing approach throughout your successful organization?

We work to build long-term, collaborative relationships that maximize your overall success, earnings and brand loyalty.

Toronto based corporate trainer Bruce Mayhew Consulting offers professional development & career training solutions.

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Our 3 Core Training Pillars

Our Core Training Pillars / Tracks are:

  1. Write / Listen / Speak
  2. Work Efficiently
  3. Build Strategy

Bruce Mayhew Consulting is able to tailor your professional development & career training to meet your timelines and learning objectives.