Favourite Quote:

"We either have to be Brave & Curious or Fearful & Suspicious and I'm trying to be Brave & Curious". Comedian and actor Eddie Izzard.

What We Believe:

We believe the only way to innovate and to grow is to learn. Learning means expanding your mind and often... changing your mind. Learning is exciting. Implementing what you've learned is invigorating. The only way to learn is to listen, watch and read with intention... and an open mind.

We are life-long learners.

What We Love To Do:

We love to deliver Soft Skills Training in Toronto and beyond! We love to help people experience great things in themselves and the people around them.

Bruce is a Corporate Trainer, Conference Speaker and Executive Coach

BMC is a professional development training company specializing in customized Leadership, Generational Differences, Email Etiquette, Conflict Resolution / Difficult Conversation Training, Time Management and other Soft Skills training. 

Clients confirm Bruce is fun and his goal-oriented solutions are interactive learning opportunities whether he is delivering a training workshop or keynote speech. Bruce develops exactly what you and your team needs to achieve both immediate and long-term results.

We are in the people business.

We believe our suite of professional development training options will bring out the best in your employees, managers and leaders. Your most valuable assets are your employees.

We customized our professional development seminars at our Canadian management central office in Toronto.

You focus on success. We’ll focus on performance solutions.

What Makes Bruce Mayhew Consulting Unique?

Our soft skills workshops are fun, interactive and results-based learning opportunities.

Our commitment to excellence in soft skills training is why we specialize in on-site, face-to-face, interactive Continuing Education & Corporate Engagement. We offer a wide range of training options that focus on making your company – and your employees exceptional.

While you are here you'll find a wide range of training and development courses. If you can’t find a particular course, please call us. We design custom workshops, but if what you are looking for isn’t one of our core-competencies we are happy to refer you to other training professionals.

Our goal is to help you succeed!

Our Goals As Your Training And Development Partner (Trainer)

Our goal is to help you define and implement interactive and relevant soft skills training that meets your objectives and is right for your organization and your employees.

BMC (Bruce Mayhew Consulting), specializes in helping organizations and employees consistently and confidently share their unique values and behaviours. We excel at tailoring our existing business etiquette & soft skills training programs to meet the needs of our clients and their employees. 

Known as one of Toronto’s most effective professional development training providers, BMC helps our clients turn their employee engagement and customer communication into a lasting competitive advantage while also differentiating them as an employer of choice and a supplier of choice.

Our Goals As Your Executive Coach

Changing leadership style is difficult… but the rewards of both are immense.

If you are an individual or a company, your leadership qualities and leadership style are essential if you are going to survive and thrive. Stats show that half the companies in the S&P500 are different from 1999 (Source Sam Ro).

Our goal is to help leaders grow personally and professionally as they promote responsible change and keep their teams adapting and their organizations thriving. This includes new leadership development.

Hiring experienced training professionals and executive coaches is central to Canadian management and American management success. When you need a unique learning experience, turn to Bruce Mayhew Consulting for creative Leadership, Time Management and Communication training solutions. We will help you define and implement solutions that are right for your organization and your employees. 

Toronto based Bruce Mayhew Consulting offers Executive Coaching, Email Etiquette Training, Generational Differences Training, Having Difficult Conversations and many other professional development & career training solutions in Toronto and throughout Canada and the USA.


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Our 3 Core Training Pillars

Our Core Training Pillars / Tracks are:

  1. Email, Write and Share

  2. Work Efficiently

  3. Leadership & Strategy

Toronto based Bruce Mayhew Consulting is able to tailor your professional development & career training and executive coaching.