"When you help your team trust you, believe in themselves and understand the value of their work, it's amazing what they accomplish." Bruce Mayhew

Leadership is a learned skill and virtually none of us are natural leaders. Leadership training helps leaders, especially great leaders learn how to stay positive, fair and up-beat as they:

  1. Develop a culture of trust and respect (I believe this is the most important)

  2. Share a set of values… and what those values mean for each person (including our customers / clients)

  3. Lead with empathy and compassion

  4. Develop a vision

  5. Embrace transparency

  6. Hire for empathy

  7. Are open and authentic at work

  8. Share a vision

  9. Engage individuals… and teams (C.A.R.P.C.S.)

  10. Be a great mentor

  11. Be a great coach

  12. Share praise

  13. Provide feedback (positive feedback and constructive feedback)

  14. Have difficult conversations

Leadership skills training is an investment, especially as more and more Millennials move into leadership roles.

There’s a direct relationship between performance and the corporate culture every leader creates.

Let us help you unlock your potential and connect it to what makes a leader successful. Let us help you work smarter not harder by enhancing your leadership capabilities. Your team can have fun and be motivated while we deliver your customized corporate training.

Leadership Training Impact

Great leaders master many effective leadership skills. Within our core leadership training we explore how great leaders are open and authentic as they:

  1. Explore what it means to be an accountable leader (What are the +’s and -’s of being a leader?)

  2. Create a strong leadership culture

  3. Discuss positive leadership strategies for extraordinary performance.

  4. Approach leading through continuous change.

  5. Find ways to help employees feel engaged and valued

  6. Learn the high value and low cost of Intrinsic rewards (competence, autonomy, relevance)

  7. Explore the high cost and low value of traditional Extrinsic rewards (salaries, benefits, bonuses)

  8. Discuss how to prepare Millennials for leadership positions

  9. Learn how to support your human skills and develop those skills in others

  10. Explore the importance of emotional intelligence for Leaders including how they express their own emotions and manage their response when triggered

  11. Find ways to make the most of coaching (and being coached)

  12. Build, empower and support collaborative teams

  13. Share a ‘Vision’ and logical goals so employees know where they are headed and WHY

  14. Give employees the flexibility to use their experience; knowledge and education to act make decisions

  15. Discuss a leaders legacy and how to build the lasting personal and professional brand you want.

The better the leader – the higher the employee engagement. 

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” 
― Simon Sinek

Perhaps you’ve been a successful leader but now feeling a bit stuck... maybe even a bit frustrated because people are not acting like they once did when you first became their leader? If I asked you:

  • "What are 10 important Leadership traits?" Would you know the answer?

  • "What are 4 of your best Leadership traits?" Would you know the answer?

If you can't answer you are with the majority of people in Leadership roles.

The most successful companies grow their leaders from within. And today, Millennials are your fastest growing population of leader potential. This is a great opportunity for companies. Millennials thrive in a learning culture, so use leadership training to develop quality, confident, engaged, loyal leaders who understand your business.

Attendees of our flexible and scalable leadership training will learn what leadership means in today’s busy business environment. This includes guiding them as they explore what it means to be a supportive, inspirational leader, and how to apply that knowledge to meet their goals.

Do you want to increase employee loyalty and productivity? Studies show that when employees feel they have:

  • A poor leader... as many as 95% say they are considering quitting and employee engagement is low.

  • A great leader... as many as 99% say they are not thinking about quitting and employee engagement is high. 

Our Approach To Your Success

Effective leadership increases employee loyalty, engagement and productivity. Our leadership training explore over 20 leadership styles / leadership traits and help participants recognize their strengths. 8 of the main strengths we explore are:

  1. Business & Technical knowledge – understand the technology and/or how the business makes money. This does not have to be detailed knowledge.

  2. Trust & Honesty – collaborating and being a good team member and building trusting relationships.

  3. Vision & Values – helping employees see the future direction and sharing goals. This supports collaboration.

  4. Rewards That Matter Most – Intrinsic rewards vs. Extrinsic rewards

  5. Innovation & Education – the best leaders create an environment where people and the organization are encouraged to continuously learn / improve.

  6. A Focus on Results – do what is necessary (a fair, respectful push), to make sure the goals are reached

  7. Inspiration & Motivation (a pull) – gets people excited and passionate to want to deliver.

  8. Care & Compassion - Knowing what is important to your employees - what their goals are

The best leaders usually have above average competency in one or even two of the above mentioned attributes. Imagine the engagement impact if they could strengthen just one more leadership skill.

Great Leaders Help People Feel Safe

Great leaders create an environment where employees are inspired, motivated and safe in today's fast-paced and ever changing environment. Great leaders help employees feel they share creative ideas without being judged; where they trust each other. Our core leadership training builds trust by aligning goals, objectives and a leaders approach to the mission, vision, values and goals so the whole team can make decisions that are always right for the company and each other.

Great Leaders Build A Team

Great leaders know their strengths and maximize them... then then build a team of other experts with the strengths they do not have.

Learn More About Our Leadership Training

Toronto corporate trainer and executive coach Bruce Mayhew Consulting is in the people business… it just so happens that training and/or executive coaching is involved. Let us help you improve your productivity and employee engagement.

We tailor corporate training to meet the challenges and stresses of busy professionals. To learn more about how leadership training can to improve your skills call us at 416.617.0462.

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Leadership is like being a great conductor.

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Leadership Training Tips

Leadership Training Tip #1

Effective leadership requires our leaders explore and promote responsible change – within their client base, products & services and within their valued employees. Why? Because if you don't change you fall behind. Half the companies in the S&P500 today are different from the companies that were on it in 1999 (Source Sam Ro).

 Leadership Training Tip #2

To increase employee loyalty, leaders support their employee’s carriers – not their employee’s jobs. A career satisfies a persons long-term needs and personal / professional growth. A job only satisfies immediate needs. Ask employees what their career goals are and explore how to meet those goals together (shared responsibility); there are many non-monetary rewards a valued employee may be interested in which will increase employee loyalty.

Leadership Training Tip #3

Be mindful to treat each moment with empathy and compassion… for yourself and others upon your pursuit of clear, definable and shared organizational goals. Leaders build trust by inspiring, motivating and trusting valued employees.

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It was excellent. Thanks Bruce. Very informative, applicable and helpful to me now! Well worth my time.
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