Business stories are powerful tools because they inspire, break down barriers and build relationships all at the same time. A good story gives you the opportunity to better understand other people and/or situations and can help you find common needs and experiences.

Use stories to built your brand, to train your employees (and customers), and to introduce your services. 

Your Take Away From Business Story Training

Whether a story is written, verbal or a video, stories are irresistible because they make features and benefits real. Stories help us learn and remember - and they keep our attention far longer than a dry list.

Bruce Mayhew Consulting’s Developing Business Stories training explores:

  • How to tell your story

  • The 5 key ingredients in a story:

    • How to use language

    • Using examples

    • What to lead with

    • How to engage your audience

    • What to end with

  • Opportunities to make your story irresistible by being real, open and engaging your audience's’ empathy:

    • Joys

    • Disappointments

    • Struggles

    • Insecurities

    • Opportunities

Close The Tap Video Example: I can share statistics you will soon forget about how tooth brushing can waste approximately 700 gallons of water per person - per year, or I could show you the 'Close The Tap' video to the right of this copy which tells a powerful story in less than a minute. 

There are often multiple stories within a story and many ways to share depending on your goals and your target audience. 

Our Approach To Your Success

Every part of a business story should keep your audience emotionally invested. Our goal is to look at:

  • When you should use stories

  • Determine what kind of story will get the results you want

  • What are the delivery opportunities?

Business stories are powerful and a largely underused resource that every organization can use:

  • On your website

  • In presentations

  • In sales meetings, materials or proposals

  • At your AGM

  • In training materials

  • In advertising (in addition to your website)

Business stories are more than just words on a page. Toronto corporate trainer and executive coach Bruce Mayhew Consulting’s Business Stories training explores why they are important for everyone in your organization and how to create business stories no matter where they are used. 

Stories can form the foundations of an entire workplace culture.

Who Should Attend Developing Business Stories Training?

Managers, Supervisions, Team Leaders, Project Managers and any Office Professionals who work in collaborative environments and/or with clients.

Learn More About Our Developing Business Stories Workshop

Business stories change the way we think, act, and feel; they illustrate our ideas and inspire us in ways that facts cannot.

To learn more about how you and your organization can benefit from our Developing Business Stories Workshop, call us at 416.617.0462.

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Close The Tap: Video Story Example
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Business Story Training Tips

Business Story Training Tip #1

Know your purpose and your audience

Be clear of who your audience is and what you need them to know / feel. Use language that they will be familiar with. If you are writing to a professional group, use language they will be familiar with based on their education, experience and objectives.

Business Story Training Tip #2

Use visuals (photos, charts)

I’m not sure I believe the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” but they certainly add value in many cases. Photo, charts and graphs all add context and colour to your story. An added bonus is that they add to break up the page.

Business Story Training Tip #3

Keep your focus – fewer words are better than more.

It’s hard to get people excited about a long block of text, so keep your story short – no longer than you need to tell an interesting story. Whatever you do, be sure your readers know up front who or what the purpose of your story.

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