People often invest in a coach for one purpose... and then experience far greater clarity and empowerment than they expected. We are a trusted confidant and adviser to senior leaders, new leaders and leadership teams.

Our Approach As Your Executive Coach

We work to help you make positive behavioural changes that lead to improved outcomes. That’s really what coaching is all about.

Experiencing success and feeling fulfilled can sometimes be a challenge. You can count on Bruce to help you express your unique talents and help you experience:

  • Balance and enjoyment

  • Greater productivity - greater profits

  • Leadership development

  • Superior performance

  • Faster promotions & career advancement

  • Clarity of vision

  • Commitment to growth

Executive coaching is an investment that encourages you to be your very best. Bruce helps you as a senior leader or new leader strengthen the best parts of you and help you be happy, productive and deeply satisfied. Our work will support your personal and professional goals as well as your organizations success, mission, vision and values.

Bruce uses Appreciative Inquiry to explore what is positive or what you / your organization does well.

We usually connect face-to-face on the first meeting or two; then often (not always). transition to coaching by phone to provide personal attention and exceptional flexibility / convenience.

The most successful athletes and leaders have an executive coach – shouldn't you?

Are You Ready?

Change is a complex process that will require some behaviour change… from you. Are you ready to do some exploration, hear some constructive feedback and work hard in the areas your behaviour needs to change?

Our Commitment To You

It's natural to hesitate when considering coaching. We understand most leaders are not used to feeling vulnerable, which is why we stand by our basic principles of coaching. They are:

  • Our relationship must be built on trust, respect and honesty

  • Executive coaching is 100% confidential; this is our prime directive

  • We consider our relationship as an equal partnership where we both agree to be open and to listen to each other

  • Your expectations are always clearly defined and we agree upon them... and we revisit them frequently

  • We are not judge or jury... we are your support team... or part of your support team

  • We are committed to balanced open feedback

  • We consider every situation from a personal, business, multigenerational, and multicultural point of view.

Hire An Executive Coach

If you want to learn more about how you can benefit, call me at 416.617.0462.

Toronto executive coach and corporate trainer Bruce Mayhew Consulting offers customized professional development in Toronto, New York and throughout Canada and the USA.

BMC's 3 Core Training Programs

All of Toronto based Bruce Mayhew Consulting's core management training workshops are also offered as executive training. Our most popular are Email Etiquette Training, Time Management Training and Difficult Conversations Training. Our 3 Learning Tracks are:

  1. Manage Expectations

  2. Inspire Success

  3. Be A Great Leader

The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different.
Peter Drucker, American management consultant, educator, and author.


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Customized Solutions

Bruce Mayhew

Benefits of Hiring An Executive Coach

The core benefit of working with Toronto based Executive Coach (or Millennial Coach), BMC is to help leaders and future leaders be the best version of themselves - as a professional and within their personal lives.

The following are 6 of the many possible benefits:

  1. Experience greater results in less time. This may be for you as an individual and/or for your team or company.

  2. Learn about yourself. An executive coach can help you explore your beliefs and some of the assumptions you often make. What are your values? Are any of them key strengths – or perhaps holding you back? What do you need to do to make the most of your strengths and minimize or overcome any weaknesses?

  3. Take time to pause. If you are always in 'React' mode… tune that back and begin to see the benefit to you and the people around you when you move into 'Respond' mode.

  4. Take time to be creative and to allow others to explore their creativity.

  5. Expand your people skills. How can better inspire others around you? How can you evoke trust for – and with your team? A coach will help you experience the value of being a mentor to others… not just a boss.

  6. Enjoy greater work/life balance and satisfaction in everything you do.

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