Millennials are born roughly between 1980-2000. They are a super bright, well-educated group that unfortunately, don't have the best reputation at work. Millennials are also about to become the largest generation in the workforce; so, we have to figure out how to work with them.

If you manage Millennials (even if you are one yourself), it can be a challenge. In fact, some of the harshest complaints of this generation is from Millennials who are managing other Millennials.

To help all mangers (and employees), survive, I offer you the following Time Management Tips For Millennials… and their bosses.

  • Inspire them. If they are bored they will live up to all of the negative stereotypes they have.

Millennials want to be inspired. Let them know the context, purpose, strategy behind the work they do. Help them understand why their work makes a difference – and how they add a unique value to the project. Millennials like to live in the pursuit of three goods: I’m good at doing this, Doing this is good for others, Doing this is good for me / my career.

  • If you are a Millennial, approach your boss with an “I’d like to learn approach”:
    • Understand what their expectations are and why.
    • Share your wishes and why.

By having a respectful - curiosity driven dialogue, what sounded like a problem 5 minutes ago becomes very reasonable.

For example – perhaps you are taking a night class on Tuesdays and this event finishes late. Suddenly, you arriving late for work every Wednesday morning isn’t a problem – in fact, it’s a commitment that they can support and plan around by giving you flex hours on Wednesday.

  • Leave phones and tablets out of meetings. The only exception to this is when everyone expects some information will have to be looked up online or pulled off of the company servers. And, when you are looking up information, protect your reputation let everyone know what you are doing... and why. You don't want people jumping to the wrong conclusions - especially when you are actually being helpful.
  • Meet your agreed upon deadlines - or better yet, finish a bit early.
  • If you are not going to meet an agreed upon deadline – give your boss as much notice as you can. 5 minutes after the deadline isn’t good.

    Be proactive… let your boss know what is going on. Bosses don't like surprises. In addition, don't give them a long excuse - but do come with a solution.
  • The one I tell everyone is to spend a limited amount of time answering strategic, important email in the early morning. Answer low priority, routine email during the afternoon.

    People work at their strategic – mental best when they get 8 hours of sleep each night... so get as much sleep as you can. Then, when you are at your best choose to do your most important work.

Time management skills help professionals be confident and productive as they work with clients and internal audiences.

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